Do you get depressed every time you see how few Twitter followers you have? Well, don’t! There are plenty of things you can do to grow your followers base.
Before we get started, let’s make something clear: QUALITY matters more than QUANTITY. But, what if you could have a lot of qualified followers? Then you would have quality AND quantity!
Ask Your Followers to Re-Tweet Your Tweets
Teach your followers what re-tweeting is (basically, it’s the Twitter equivalent to email forwarding) and ask them to re-tweet your tweets so their followers can see them and follow you.

Add Your Twitter Link to Your Site, Blog and Email Signature
This is easy to do and will get you a lot of new followers.

Use HashTags
A HashTag is basically a keyword preceded by the pound sign. For example, people talking about Obama might include “#obama” in their tweets so other people talking about Obama can find them. On this website you can find the most popular HashTags. Using HashTags is a great way to ensure your tweets get found and people can follow you.

Be Part of the Conversation
Be active in the Twitter community. Following people isn’t enough. Share tips and cool stuff you find. Help your followers.

Follow the Authorities in Your Field
Make a list of the people in your industry you look up to. Follow them on Twitter, re-tweet their tweets and follow people who follow them. Some of them will follow you back if you’re sharing great content on the same topic.

Go Multimedia
People love photos, videos and music; include them in your tweets.

Follow People Talking About the Things You Talk About
Use the Twitter search to find people talking about your field of expertise. Follow them. Most of them will follow you back.