screenhunter_14-mar-15-0859If you have a blog, I bet you love it when people leave comments on it. Who doesn’t? It feels great!
However, most blog posts have zero comments. If this happens to your blog, don’t freak out; there’s a way you can revert it right away.
Promote Your Content
The #1 reason most blog posts have zero comments is that nobody reads them. Unless your site gets a lot of traffic every day, posting and hoping that people will come isn’t a good strategy. You need to promote your content. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and every tool you can think of to drive as many people as you can to your blog posts.

Ask Questions
The best way to get people to comment on your blog is to ask a question. If you’re a great blogger, people admire you and want to give you their opinion. Encourage them to do so.

Speak Up Your Mind
Don’t be controversial for the sake of being controversial, but if your opinion is not the most popular one, you shouldn’t be afraid of saying what you really think. People appreciate honesty. Give them a chance to disagree and tell you why.

Notify Commenters When Other Comments Are Posted
Most blogs allow people to subscribe to comments for a given blog post. That way, when John leaves a comment and Jane replies to it, John gets notified and has the opportunity to comment back.

Thank Those Who Comment
When people comment on your blog, answer their questions and thank them for leaving a comment.

Choose the Right Topics
If you’re driving a lot of traffic to your blog posts but nobody is leaving comments, maybe you’re writing about the wrong topics or your articles are hard to read. This post teaches you how to create killer content.

Make It Easy to Comment
Some blogs make you jump through hoops in order to comment. This is insane. Don’t ask people to register and try to avoid CAPTCHA devices.