These are five Internet marketing tools that I constantly use and wanted to share with you.
Have you ever seen a beautiful font on a website and wanted to know what font it was? Now you can! Capture a screenshot of some text, upload it to this site and it’ll tell you what font it is so you can use it for your own site.

The surest way to attract visitors using content is to create the content around hot topics. The question then is, “how do I know what’s hot NOW?” PopURLs features the “hottest” news online. Find out what people are talking about and use that to your advantage.

Google Docs Drawing Feature
Google Docs launched a new feature last week. Now you can share drawings and mind-maps with your co-workers. In my opinion, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get an idea across and share it with your team.

Do you want a tool that allows you to enter your keywords and get a list of available domain names containing those keywords? You got it! NameStation is a crucial tool for SEO people. NXdom is another tool that allows you to search by suffix and prefix and sort the results by popularity, readability and length.

LinkBait Generator
This tool allows you to come up with amazing titles for your blog posts, and we all know that great titles are what get people to click on your posts.

Do you want to become a guest blogger? Are you looking for bloggers to contribute content for your blog? MyBlogGuest is the place where bloggers meet to work out guest blogging arrangements.