We’ve all been there—that rush of excitement when you see an email in your inbox with messages like “Your order has shipped!” or “Here’s a 50% off deal!” When a company’s email is both engaging and valuable to you, it doesn’t feel like marketing at all. In the world of email newsletters, content and design are inseparable. Yet, even the most exceptional content can get lost if the design is cluttered or confusing.

According to Active Campaign, 320 billion emails are sent each day worldwide, and there are more than four billion email users. This means that you can reach millions of people with your strategically crafted email newsletter. 

While there are endless design tips to elevate your newsletter, we wanted to highlight the top five tips to get you started on your email newsletter design journey:

1) Keep it simple

Make sure to pick a template or design that aligns with the purpose of your newsletter. Be sure your emails aren’t too cluttered with text or images. If you aren’t confident in your design decisions, use fewer colors, fonts, and images. Busy emails will increase the abandonment rate and won’t stimulate your recipients to read the content or engage with your email.

Mad Fish Digital's email newsletter template.
2) Be consistent with your branding

Maintaining uniform branding across all your marketing channels is crucial. This is when you can turn to your company’s brand guidelines to incorporate those unique brand elements. Your goal is to ensure that as soon as recipients open your email, they can instantly identify your brand. One effective method is to develop templates featuring various color schemes and layouts that you can rotate each quarter.

3) Prioritize hierarchy

Think about the core message of the newsletter then design your email accordingly. A clear visual hierarchy keeps an email newsletter simple and easy to read. For example, if your core message of the email is to encourage recipients to read your newest blog, that section should be the first thing they see when the email is opened along with supporting visuals to catch their attention. 

Adding visual elements to organize content is highly recommended, as they help lead users seamlessly from start to finish. Remember to incorporate ample white space amidst all that engaging content to provide some visual respite.

An email newsletter template that says 5 tips for designing email newsletters.
4) Make your design responsive

Did you know nearly 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices? 

Implementing responsive design for various devices ensures that your recipients can easily read your emails. Most leading email platforms offer responsive design to ensure that your text and images render properly no matter the device or platform. 

5) Have an “unsubscribe” button

Besides being a critical email design element, this is also a legal requirement. According to legal requirements, you must provide instructions to your recipients on how to opt out of receiving emails from your company in the future. So, having this button is not an optional design addition. Customizing the call-to-action button is a fun way to personalize your email newsletter’s unsubscribe button. 

Mad Fish Digital's email newsletter footer showing address.
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