These are the five programs I use to get more done in less time.

Google Desktop Search
Google is the leader in information indexing, so it’s not surprising that they have the best tool to find programs and documents in your computer. Do you want to open the Windows Calculator? Just tap the Control key twice and type “calculator” (by the time you type “cal” Google will have found it). Do you want to open a document addressed to Mr. Chukowsky? No problem, just tap the Control key twice and type “Chukowsky”. This is the best time-saving tool ever invented and I couldn’t live without it.

There are some strings of text that you have to type over and over again, right? Well, not anymore. Define your shortcuts and save a lot of time typing. For example, I set it up so every time I type “ty” it gets replaced by “thank you” and every time I type “gd” it gets replaced by “have a great day”.

Google Docs
Do several people on your team need the same documents? Are you sick of having to email documents to them so they can edit them and email them back to you? With Google Docs you can have all your documents in one central location and different people can edit them online and save them. You can download them too if you want.

Some things are really hard to explain by email. With Skype you can videochat, call other people for free and even show them your screen. Don’t tell them how to use a piece of software, SHOW them. You can use Skype for presentations too and you can even transfer files, access your voicemail, forward your calls to your cell phone when you’re out of the office and a lot more.

Running a program by going to the Start menu > Programs and selecting the one you want to run is very time consuming. Launcher allows you to run a program much faster.

Time-Saving Tips

  • Having big screens is proven to increase productivity, so get a bigger computer screen if you can.
  • Using an external mouse is much more effective than using the one from your laptop.
  • Keep your desktop clean. A cluttered desktop will make you waste a lot of time.
  • Windows allows you to use keyboard shortcuts; use them.