As a Portland-based marketing agency, we appreciate the outdoors. Whether it’s hitting Forest Park with our trusty pups after work or heading to the mountains for the weekend, our team is always outside. No matter what activity we choose, our gear helps make it enjoyable. There’s a special spot in our heart for those that grew up in the Beaver state–just like us. We’re breaking down our favorites in this piece, and explaining our favorite items from each.


dog-collar-on-pink-backgroundRuffwear describes their gear as “performance dog gear” and as a team with 9 dogs, we’re all about it. Patrick Kruse, who build the company in his garage, shares the motto our team has of bringing our pups along for the ride. We love that the brand all started with a bowl, inspired by a hike with his friend’s dog. From bowls and packs to boots that support working dogs, Ruffwear supports our best friends. A bonus? The companies commitment to quality and mission to protect the great outdoors we share with our pups is inspiring. Whether it’s adoption campaigns, sustainable business growth, or donations that help protect the places we all hold dear, we’re stoked to see them thrive. Paws up.

Poler Stuff

backpack-on-pink-backgroundIf you’ve ever wrapped a blanket around yourself and walked around, Poler is your kind of brand. Benji Wagner grew the business from the idea that outdoor gear didn’t have to be pretentious, Poler has inspired a generation of outdoor lovers to get outside without the pretention. Embracing the outdoors doesn’t have to mean climbing Everest. It can be as simple as a couple of beers, a campfire, and some screen-free time. We’re stoked to see a brand that’s connecting with a generation of outdoor lovers. Nap sacks? One-man tents? Poler is about stuff we use–not being the highest-tech gear. Sometimes you just want a sweater, right? We love the authenticity and simplicity that Poler is bringing to the industry. Their unisex items and commitment to the real activities people do are resonant with a younger generation who just want to hang out outside.

Want more proof they’re nailing it? They invented #campvibes. You’re welcome, Instagram.


multitool-on-pink-backgroundTim Leatherman is an Oregon native. His inspiration for the iconic multi-tool that launched a thousand products came from a road trip, but his testing ground is the pacific northwest. We’re inspired by how Tim built the company, facing rejection for over three years until he manufactured the first Leatherman tool. Portland-based Leatherman tests their products in the pacific northwest. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, or just headed out on a road trip, a leatherman is essential. Multi-tools are ubiquitous now, but before Tim’s invention, they were a pipe dream of many a stranded driver or hiker. Their commitment to helping their customer find the perfect product paired with outstanding craft is an inspiration. A bonus? They’ve launched a grant program to help organizations build legacies like theirs. We’re proud to be in the same city.


mountain-and-trees-on-pink-backgroundKeen’s “values in motion” philosophy resonates with us. Through high-quality products, supply chain transparency, and their donations, they’re walking the walk when it comes to their mission. Their products range from sandals to workwear, with the intention of helping people get outside safely and enjoyable. Their grant program supports that mission by helping build stronger communities and protecting the outdoors. Taking action for Keen has a lot to do with being a business. As a B Corp, we identify with the idea that the voice of business is powerful and must be used to create lasting powerful change.


hiking-boot-on-pink-backgroundIf you weren’t familiar with the essential work and hiking boot before Wild, you probably are now. Watching Reese Witherspoon hurl her boot into the Sierra Nevadas may have been shocking to some, but the grit and determination that Cheryl Strayed is at the heart of what Danner stands for. From logging boots to the shipyards, to hiking boots, Danner’s history is in the product. One thing that hasn’t changed since 1932? The quality. Danner is creating boots for life. Their product, commitment to quality, and curated blog that reflects the community they design for is an inspiration.