In November Facebook announced to the world that in 2015, the free ride was over. ‘Overly promoted posts’ would see less organic distribution over time, indicating that paid is the new (and only) way to play. Should this worry you?

Not if you’re savvy enough to utilize Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook Ads Manager is the administrative platform for creating and managing ad campaigns within Facebook. And if you’re using Facebook Ads Manager, the Power Editor plug-in is one of your most valuable assets, because it’s there that you create Website Custom Audiences.

Overtime, Facebook has turned their basic ad service into a pretty robust and targeted means of serving up ads to very specific audiences.  The audience targeting options marketers can create with the Website Custom Audiences tool are great for ensuring ads, content, or offers are seen by exactly the right kind of customer for your business. A key benefit we love is the ability to target people by their interests, rather than just a search term or keyword. And with Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences, we can now launch retargeting campaigns from Facebook Ads Manager without using a third party site (Adroll, Turn, etc.).

There are a lot of ways to use this tool, but here are 3 ways we like to use Facebook’s Ad Manager to incorporate into our social media marketing strategies that will help you make the most out of Facebook Website Custom Audiences.

  1. Target based on category.

Create a website custom audience that includes people who have already viewed a specific product or service. Typically consumers want to shop around or compare prices before making a purchase. If you’re a home improvement company and you know someone has been looking at your kitchen remodeling services, target them with upcoming specials or discounts.

  1. Mobile is the new Web.

If you have a mobile app, target visitors from your website while they’re out and about with Facebook App Install. What better place to encourage them to download your app then from their phone? While you’re at it, target mobile Facebook users with promotions found only on your mobile site.

  1. They look just like me: New customers that look like your existing ones.

By this point you’re probably saying, “Wait, but I want to hook new customers too!” Of course you do. Enter Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Lookalike audiences are probably one of the coolest features of Facebook Website Custom Audiences. Once you’ve created a custom audience segment you can upload it and Facebook has an algorithm that finds users similar to the people in that targeted group.

For step-by-step instructions on setting up custom audiences from your website visit Facebook’s Help Center.

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