I’ve had three ideas I’ve been meaning to blog about, but these three ideas are too simple and short to be individual blog posts, so I’m going to condense all three into one post.
You Don’t Need a Complete Business to Start
A lot of people tend to put off starting a business until they have all the elements they think are necessary to start the perfect business. They think that one day everything will be perfect and the business will be ready to get launched. But, this is never the case. A business is always a work in progress. There’s always more stuff to do.
Launch your business this week. If you don’t have a merchant account yet, take payments by PayPal or check for now. If you don’t have all your products, sell the ones you have. If your website isn’t finished, create relationships with partners and distributors. Don’t wait until you have a business to launch.
There Are Always Good Excuses Not to Do Something
Are you one of those people who are always complaining? Stop it now! It’s annoying.
Instead of whining about not having money to start a business, find investors or start thinking of ways to come up with money.
Stop complaining about your boss and find a job working for someone you admire. Or, start a business.
Instead of saying “I can’t”, start asking yourself, “If I could, how would I do it?” Instead of thinking “I don’t have”, think “What do I need to do to get this?”
If you’re thinking, “yeah, sure. But that’s easier said than done”, let me clarify something here: I’m not saying it’s easy; I’m saying it’s worth it.
Do More Stuff You Like; Don’t Worry If You’re Not Good At It
I once asked a guy who sucked at soccer why he didn’t choose another sport. His answer was simple: “Because I like soccer.” That was a major lesson for me. I realized that we live in a world where we’re encouraged to only do those things we do well.
Well, screw that. I suck at playing guitar, but I love playing it, so I play often. I’m the worst dancer the world has ever seen, but I have fun dancing, so I’m not planning to stop. Let go of the need to be great at everything. You only have one life; spend it doing what makes you happy.
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