Idea #1: Don’t Avoid Conflict
Trying to avoid conflict is part of being human. However, conflict is a good thing. Conflict is standing up for yourself and saying, “I won’t put up with this anymore.” Tell your boss, partner and spouse how you really feel about them. Conflict will arise. When a conflict is resolved, then your relationship with that person will be much stronger and healthier for you.
Just to be clear, speaking up doesn’t mean yelling or calling people names. Just say how you feel and what you want in a gentle tone.
Idea #2: Learn to Receive
I bet you’re very generous: you truly enjoy helping people. And, I bet you have a hard time accepting what other people give you. You probably say things like, “I don’t want to impose” or “Thank you, but I can’t accept it.” Why not? When someone wants to give you something, say “thank you” and accept the gift. When someone wants to buy you lunch, let them and make sure you pay next time.
People feel good helping you and giving you things; accept what others give you.
Idea #3: Finish What You Start
In business, sports and any other space, you can find two groups of people: those who try a bunch of different things and those who really commit to one thing.
Some people do yoga for a month, Pilates for three weeks, they take six months off and then start something new. This is even worse in the world of business: ADD is everywhere! People start a business and two months later they leave that to start a new company (which they’ll abandon for the next “hot thing”).
When it comes to business, use common sense. Think “where are my customers? What magazines do they read? What websites do they visit? What networking events do they attend?” Be where they are; don’t let trends decide what you should focus your time on. Stop listening to the so-called gurus. Stop buying those programs that promise you’ll make easy money. Stop copying what’s working for others (or what they’re claiming is working for them, even if it’s not.)
Start going to where your customers are.