If you don’t know anything about SEO but want to create SEO-friendly content, this WordPress tool will change your life.

This is one of the coolest tools I’ve seen in a long time. Social Media Marketing is all about networking with people. Effective networking requires you to know the people you talk to. What if a tool could check LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and 10 more sources and pull up information about that person you’re about to email? Then you could say, “Hi Sarah, how’s your daughter doing? Has she recovered from the cold she had last week?” Can you think of a better way to wow people? Gist rocks!

Do you want to take advantage of video marketing but are too shy to perform in front of a camera? No problem! You can use screen-capture software to create videos. You can use PowerPoint and your own voice to put together killer presentations. Or, you can do a demo of a tool or a piece of software.
Most screen-capture programs charge over $200 but Jing is free.