amazone28099s-kindle-vs-apple-ipade28099s-ibooksAny writer that’s ever published a book knows that the real work doesn’t stop when you’ve finished writing the book, it begins! At times, getting people to read yet alone buy your book can seem impossible. To make life easier on authors, I’ve compiled 17 easy ways to promote a book without breaking the bank.

Marketing Blitz – Rather than spread your marketing over an entire year, concentrate your effort at the time of the book’s launch. Generating a high sales volume in a short amount of time will get you on best seller lists, which in turn will drive future sales.

  • Offer A Free Chapter
    • Landing Page – Create a webpage just for downloading your free chapter. Use the pdf format so that people can read it on PC and Macs, plus Kindle and the iPad.
    • Business Cards – Update your business cards, so that they include a link to download the free chapter.
    • Email Signature – Include the link to the free chapter here too.
  • Get Your Book Reviewed
    • Book Review Sites – Use Google to find relevant book review sites and blogs. Send the sites a free copy of your book and ask them to write a review.
    • Offline – Send your book to the local newspapers and magazines, as well as any relevant trade publications and journals.
  • Send Out A Press Release – Write a newsworthy press release and submit it to HARO, PRleads, and PRWeb
  • Ebook distribution – Follow these guides and you can have your book published on Kindle and the iBook store today.
  • Google Books – Promote you book on Google for free
  • Local Radio Stations and Morning Shows – Contact your local stations and offer to do an interview. You can also offer 2 or 3 free copies of your book for the station or show to give away to their listeners or viewers.
  • Charity Auctions – Give a charity a gift basket that includes your book and other complementary items. Brand the other items in the basket with personalized labels and tags.
  • Guest Blogging – Create blog posts based off excerpts from your book. Then use Google to find relevant blogs looking for guest bloggers.
  • Forums – Visit forums related to your book and help people whenever you can. When appropriate you can suggest they check out your book. But don’t be spammy or you’ll get banned from the forum.
  • Webinars and Seminar – If your book offers practical advice, you can give webinars and seminars based off the book’s teachings. Be sure to tell everyone in attendance about your free chapter.
  • Podcast – Setup a podcast where you discuss the topics covered in your book.
  • Book Trailers – Create a book trailer and promote it on this list of sites.