Blogging is so 2011! Everybody is blogging these days, so if you want your content to stand out you need to start creating some rich-media content. These are some free and easy-to-use tools that I’m sure you’ll love.
Jing is a free screen recording software. It’s ideal to create video demos and to turn PowerPoint presentations into awesome videos.

Tools to Create Awesome Infographics
Infographics tend to get a lot of traffic and links. It’s normally very expensive to hire designers or data visualization experts to do your infographics, but these tools will allow you to create your own:

  • PikToChart is very powerful and easy to use.
  • Infogram is another really cool option.
  • Hohli allows you to create awesome charts very easily.
  • Wordle is a great tool to create word clouds.
  • The Icon Archive has a very extensive collection of great-looking icons for your infographics.

GoAnimate is a free tool that allows you to create animated videos in minutes. Really, really cool.

Animoto is a free video editing tool. I love it.

People love quizzes. They’re fun and engaging. Create yours in minutes with this cool tool.

Meme Generator
Create your own memes with this free tool. It’s really easy.

“What I Really…” Generator
You’ve probably seen these all over Facebook. You can now create your own in two minutes.

Try other cool image generators from the same company: Poster Generator, Phone Text Generator and Difference Between.
This is the coolest way to tell stories.

A really fun tool that allows you to create timelines in minutes.

More Ideas for Great Content
I hope you liked the tools in this post. Here are some more content ideas based on what has worked well for our clients:

  • Interview experts in your industry.
  • Conduct webinars and show your attendees how you’ve helped other clients just like them. Make sure that at least 95% of your presentation is high-quality content; keep the marketing pitch under 5% of the total time.
  • Simple tools (like interest rate calculators and calorie trackers) can be built for $50 and they’re extremely effective. You can use oDesk to find affordable developers.
  • Free whitepapers and ebooks work really well, too. Invest in a great designer to make sure that the content looks amazing.