Design Week in Portland is like Christmas in July for marketing agencies – and we’re no different. Choosing events, holding events, learning and networking are all part of the process. Walking away inspired is a given, but getting actionable tips you can utilize is imperative.

Mad Fish will be hosting an open house for the first time in 2017 so, first, make sure you save Mad Fish’s event here — we’ll be talking data-driven design and how we position services to make a real impact for our clients. With everything to choose from it can be daunting to pick and choose what you want to go to… That list is long. Want some help? Two of our designers have shared their intended schedules to give you a hint of some of the best events DWP has to offer.

Opening Party

What better way to kick off design week than by meeting and networking with fellow designers? We’re excited to learn more about what’s happening in Portland’s creative community and hear about what’s to come for Design Week 2017.

Millennial Thinking: Designing for Problems Outside of the Classroom

This lecture put on by the University of Portland puts young people front and center with a focus on how they utilize their skills online and off to focus on human-centered design. Instead of focusing on what people say millennials are interested in, this event lets the group speak for themselves and pulls back the curtain on a generation in high demand.

Sustainable design is…

Depending on your industry, sustainable design means different things. We’re pumped to hear what Let’s CoCreate has to say around sustainability in different disciplines, and how to incorporate it into our work with examples of frameworks that have been successful in different industries.

DREAMS & Reel Review 2017

This series of dream inspired animations piqued our interest, not to mention getting to check out a collection of Portland’s notable reels featuring local talent and critiques from Portland’s seasoned professionals.

Doing Good By Design

These two events focus on designing for good, giving us a chance to step back and focus on the greater reasons we can aspire to design. More than just products, these designs have a positive impact on the environment.

Designed to Belong: Creating a culture of trust and empathy as our city grows

This event is near and dear to us. As Portland booms, who gets left behind, and how can science and design keep up? While this has happened across the country, it’s hitting hard for our local businesses and residents. Whether it be gentrification of neighborhoods or changing cultural landscapes, we’re excited to explore the ways collaboration can move us towards a more beautiful and resonant city for all.

Building Memory: A Conversation on the UK’s Holocaust Memorial International Design Competition

This event is special – it opens a time for reflection on the past, present, and future. In our time, it’s especially important to be cognizant and aware of the implications of political climates and globalization.

Story-Listening Before Storytelling: Powerful Data Visualization Techniques

This event takes us away from the traditional approach of design first and gives us an opportunity to listen first. “But before we can start calling ourselves storytellers, we need to listen to the data. We need to become story listeners.”

Work Hard and Be Nice to People: An Evening with Anthony Burrill

This evening with renowned print-maker Anthony Burrill is one we’re yearning to hit. Personally, as a typography geek and home décor enthusiast, this event feels perfect for learning more about the process of distilling great mantras from life combined with excellent typography.

A/VEC: Audio/Visual Experiential Collaboration

This combination of film and music appeals to our nerd herd. We’re excited to see the combination of soundtrack and film screening, pushing us to think more creatively about different content production.

Building Bridges: A Multi-Disciplinary Design Challenge

This event put on by Wacom is a relay race of skills testing designers against each other. While no juicy details are out yet, we can’t wait to find out what’s in store.