Do you have an iPhone or iPad app and want to promote it? The following are 10 ways to promote an iPhone app.
App Submission to the Store
Submitting your app to the store is a crucial step. These are some of the things you should pay attention to:

  • Choose a great name for your app. A good name should be easy to remember but should also contain your keywords so your customer can find your app.
  • You should also use your keywords in the description.
  • Design a great-looking icon and pick your best screenshots.
  • If you only have one app, include your keywords in your company name (e.g. “Calc123 Scientific Calculator”)
  • Include your main benefits and two or three testimonials in your description.

Contact bloggers and journalists that would benefit from using your app and give them a free copy. Don’t ask for anything in exchange. If they like it, they might consider writing about it.
App Review Sites
There are hundreds of sites that review apps. This is a great list of some of the top app review sites.
Cross-Promotional Marketing
Partner with other apps that serve the same audience but solve a different problem.
Guest Blogging
Find relevant blogs in your industry and offer them your content. Invite people to try your app in your author’s bio section. Here’s a great article on guest blogging.
Social Media
You should watch these great videos on Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing.
Invite Your Users to Share
The most successful apps are the ones that invite their users to share their scores, results and comments on Facebook. They understand that people like competing with their friends and broadcasting their accomplishments with the world.
Offer a limited version of your app for free so your customers can try it before they buy it.
Timing Is Everything
The best way to get a lot of exposure is to make the top 25 for a category. If you spread all your marketing efforts throughout two years, this might never happen. But, if you concentrate your marketing efforts in the first month after the launch, you should be able to get your app in the top 25. By the way, when you submit an app to the store, don’t release it immediately. Instead, set up a release date that will give you enough time to get your marketing campaigns ready so you can launch them all at the same time.
Get Feedback
Show your app to at least 25 people and ask them to use it. Watch them use it, if possible. When they’re done, ask them for feedback. Don’t ever stop doing this. Even after you launch your app, you should always be talking to your customers and asking them how you can make your app better.
Invest In Great Design
World-class design is what separates the best performing apps from the ones that do just fine. Depending on your app, a great designer will charge you anywhere from $200 to $1,500 and I can guarantee that this is the best investment you can ever make. If your app doesn’t stand out, people won’t talk about it.