This amazing toolbar allows people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It also allows your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds, share your contents, chat with other visitors, see who else is on your site and a lot more. The best part is that this toolbar can be installed in just two minutes on your site. I can’t recommend Wibiya enough.

A great way to keep your contacts organized and always available online, no matter what computer you’re connecting from.

Google Voice
The new way of talking over the phone.

Mail Chimp
Looking for a free email marketing solution? This is it!

A great way to gather feedback from your customers and improve your products based on the feedback you get.

You can’t find any social networks in your small niche? Great, because then you can create your own! Ning makes it super easy.

FriendFeed allows you to see feeds from all your social networks in one place.

Find out information about prospective employees, vendors and partners using this tool. Are you meeting with someone this week? Use Spokeo to learn more about that person.

Attention ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. Jott allows you to post to your blog, Twitter or Facebook by calling a number from your cell phone and recording a message.

Google Trends
Find out what are the hottest topics in the social media sphere at any given moment.