Creating an inclusive world starts in our workplace. Mad Fish is committed to creating elevated experiences for our employees, clients, and their customers. By addressing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our organization, we hope to create that better experience with everyone we meet.

Taking Care of the Team

We’re investing in building an equitable and inclusive culture.

Steps we’re taking:

  • Confidential two-way communication that facilitates meaningful change
  • Expanding our benefits to be equitable for a dispersed workforce
  • Transparent growth paths, fair hiring process, and equitable performance management

Focus Areas:

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Recruiting & Hiring

From screening to interviews to offers, we’re continually working to build a more diverse workforce.

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Learning & Development

All our departments get dedicated professional development budgets that are allocated using employee-led growth.

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Feedback & Culture

We employ outside consultants and use external data sources to ensure we check our own bias.

Knowing When to Ask For Help

As a predominantly white leadership team, we recognize the importance of selecting a long-term partner to help us audit and improve our policies and actions as an anti-racist organization.

Steps we’re taking: 

  • Auditing options for a top-down approach to integrating anti-racism in all of our policies and work
  • Creating systems of accountability for leaders, managers, and individual contributors around social and environmental goals
  • Getting outside practitioners to support our mission, creating a safe space for all employees to voice their concerns

Focus Areas:

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Anti-Racism Training

Bringing in a long-term partner to help us evaluate and improve our organization.

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Continued Accountability

Building a culture that equips all team members to know when to use bystander intervention to disrupt harmful situations.

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Values Stewardship

Continue to define and exemplify our company values with our team, clients, and their customers.

Outside Our Walls

As a B2B company, building great relationships with our clients and their customers is a key element of our work. Here’s how we’re incorporating our values into this work. 

Steps we’re taking: 

  • Evaluating clients using our Code of Ethics
  • Sharing resources on media literacy, privacy, and marketing ethics to better support our clients and their customers
  • Researching alternatives to unsustainable marketing platforms and practices to better support partners in building a better future

Focus Areas:

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Education and Thought Leadership

Our team is committed to learning about truth and transparency in advertising, as well as sharing alternative methods to help businesses reach their goals without compromising ethics.

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Services & Consulting

From providing alternative platforms to resources and consulting on becoming fellow B Corporations, we work to make the world a better place through our work.

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Values Alignment

Connecting our values into our work with partners is just how we do things—that’s why we donate at least 1% of working hours to pro bono clients and offset all our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.