The Process

If you would benefit from reaching users on platforms like Twitter or Facebook, we can devise specific campaigns formulated to succeed on those networks and reach the audience you want to access with customized audiences.

Curious about how it happens?

  • You get a single point of contact for all paid advertising
  • You get a cohesive strategy and execution of all paid programs, from SEM to social ads
  • You get to leverage data from digital success metrics for other media programs
  • You get messaging and offers out through various channels that can be measured and modified

How We Do It

If we are creating paid social ads for your company, we’ll create audiences, creatives, and custom strategies to ensure your dollars are reaching the people you want to access. We then create eye-catching creative and execute campaigns, optimizing and improving throughout.

Metrics we use to evaluate media placements include:

  • PPC Metrics: Converting Keywords and Ads
  • Demographics: Age, education level, household income, location
  • Psychographics: Estimated online retail spending, domestic travel trips, home value
  • Cross-site placements: Users of this target site also use these sites

How We Use It

The implementation of a robust social advertising plan allows for your message to reach across a variety of platforms in a consistent and direct way. It reaches your audience in a familiar, authentic way. Social advertising is an essential part of branding your business, instill confidence in your audience, and achieve a much better ROI.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

While search engines, social media and paid advertising can be the primary sources of potential clients, they are not the only mediums.

Paid social allows your company to reach your customers in a natural, familiar way. On their social feeds, customized ads intrigue and entice them with familiar layouts and clear calls to action. Paid social also lets you customize audiences and reach those it would be hard to access in traditional methods of advertising, as well as being a great method to promote your content marketing and services.

A comprehensive and customized digital strategy will not only take into account the sources mentioned above, but also mediums that are tailored specifically to you and your target audience.

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