Get the Most Out of Your Gong and Chorus Data

Revenue and conversational intelligence platforms perfect the science behind sales. Much like analytics platforms brought a new found measurement to digital marketing, platforms such as and have allowed a new level of insight and science to be applied to your sales team’s success.

Let our team help you analyze your sales data, so you can spend more time selling

Leveraging the data from a revenue intelligence platform to improve your team’s close rates can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our data insights save you time by quickly helping your sales team understand which techniques to keep doing and which moves should be forgotten. sales chorus

Each selling strategy is unique, but is yours reaching it’s full potential?

At Mad Fish Digital, our team helps clients unlock the potential of platforms like and raw data sets by analyzing which talk tracks are working well, and why.

Uncover the hidden signals that help your top 20% drive 80% of your revenues

Our team of analysts sifts through the raw data output from your revenue intelligence platform to provide detailed and actionable insights that improve your team’s close rates and overall effectiveness. revenue intelligence best practices

Coach your team on specific improvements rather than just sharing general best practices

Our team takes the time to learn about your brand’s goals, services, and approach to selling, in order to extract the most meaningful and compelling data to improve your team’s close rates, maximize their revenue potential, and get your reps the targeted feedback they need to improve their overall skills.

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