Why We Do It

At Mad Fish, we operate in a multitude of capacities depending on the client and their supporting team.  We understand that you may already have a capable marketing team in place and are able to fully deploy strategies using internal resources. For these engagements, Mad Fish is there to help keep your team informed of digital strategy opportunities and SEO/SEM industry changes as they occur, and help guide your audience through the funnel.  We also help make sure every effort is relevant, measured, and attainable.

How We Do It

We offer consulting in a variety of different ways:

  • Brand Audits & Analysis
  • Website Migration / Changes Oversight
  • Analytics Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Monthly/Quarterly SEO & SEM Recommendations
  • Social Strategy Review and Recommendations
  • Content Marketing Strategy Review and Recommendations

How We Use It

With our help you can be sure that your marketing team understands the online marketing objectives, executes on tactics, measures the proper metrics, and realizes the goals. With frequent check-ins, custom dashboards, advanced tracking techniques, and expert client strategist support, the Mad Fish team is here to help and facilitate success on all levels for almost any industry.

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