Client strategists are the backbone of everything we do here at Mad Fish Digital. We’re so excited to welcome our newest member of the client strategy team, Ashe Urban. She dishes on her favorite spots in Portland and shares photos of her dog named Bird. Trust us: you’re going to love her.

Where did you go to school?

Portland State University, Nohad A. Toulin School of Urban Planning.

What did you major in?

Community Development and Social Change with emphasis on Housing, Urban Planning and Sustainability.

Where are you from?

Portland native!

Favorite PDX spot?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, so here are a few things I love in Portland:

  1. Closed Port of Portland Slough Trail – this is an abandoned trail out by Kelly Point Park and the Columbia Slough. It’s amazing; deer, snakes, birds, bunnies, coyotes, and other wildlife for days. Really, if you ever wanted to go larping, this is the ideal location.
  2. Mississippi Studios – favorite place to see a show.
  3. Edgefield – do I want to drink free wine while having my feet massaged after spending an hour in the soaking pool? Yes, please. (Kennedy School will do if there is no time for spa treatments ;))
  4. Tabor when it snows – have you ever seen anyone go down a massive snowy hill in a kayak? Head to MT when it snows, and I guarantee you’ll see something of the kind.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Motorcycle, climb, ski, dance, pick fruit, cabin hangs, snuggle with the pup, watch/read/listen to sci-fi, fold origami, watercolor, cook, house projects.

Favorite podcast (or media organization if you don’t have a show in particular)?

Anything form PRI, Radiotopia, and/or NPR, but Invisibilia or On Being are top two.

Bucket list item.

Cenotes in Mexico have been on my mind, but in general, I want to go everywhere, try everything, and see what I can.

What’s your passion project?

I have a few, but right now, I’m primarily focused on organizational structure and processes for the nonprofit I chair and applying for grad school.

That said, I’ve been working on learning watercolor over the course of the last year in an effort to make myself more comfortable with iteration (as opposed to fear of failure).

Also, I have a personal mission to bring fireflies to the PNW. (little-known fact, we have them, just not the glowing kind. Why they are still called “fireflies” I have no clue, but it’s very disappointing).

Why did you pick Mad Fish?

Several reasons:

  1. The quality of work appears to be very high.
  2. The office culture appears to be supportive, encouraging, and friendly.
  3. The role is similar in nature to where I’d like to go with my career: design research.

Favorite genre of music to work to/link to your favorite Spotify playlist to listen to at work?

Low-fi beats, local indie.

Fun fact about yourself.

I do actually love the rain – smell, sound, and feel. Oh, and I cut my finger off when I was 7.

If you have a pet, send us a picture of you with it! Or of it!

Roberta AKA “Bird”

What can you add to the team outside of work?

I love bringing people together. Community is super important to me and that includes my colleagues.