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Panda 4.2

Google Panda 4.2: Slow but Steady Updates

Each year Google updates its search algorithm many times with minor changes. Occasionally, Google rolls out a major change in their algorithm with updates such as Panda or Penguin that have a significant impact on search results. The last major

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Google Hummingbird

Google’s new Algorithm: “Hummingbird”

 Google announced that they’ve changed the core of their search algorithm, and are essentially using a completely new one named “Hummingbird”. Google is using this name because the new algorithm is precise and fast.

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Organic Vs. Paid – Do Paid Results Give or Take from Organic Search?

In the search industry, there are several questions I feel we’re asked by marketing savvy clients over and over again.  These questions keep re-appearing because they’re not only good questions, but typically ones where answers are extremely tough to come

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Google Makes Secure Search the Default for All Users

Recently, Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land, reported that Google is making the secure search the default for all Google users. Previously, HTTPS was forced on you if you were logged into a Google product (i.e. gmail, analytics, Google+ etc…),

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Keyword Importance in URLs

In the recent Search engine ranking report from SEOmoz, the number ten (out of 24) ranking factor was “Keyword Use in the Page Name URL (i.e.

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Twitter for Business

A client recently asked how much effort should really be put into Twitter. Their understanding was that it was just a platform for voyeurism at its finest, where kids and adults can share intimate or inane details to people who

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Google Makes Mistake, Calling Sites Harmful

From ChannelWeb Today article “Google Accidentally Broke The Internet“

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Now Hiring – Entry Level Web Developer

Mad Fish SEO is now looking to hire a part-time entry Level Web Developer to help us grow our SEO and Web Development business in 2009.  Check out the job posting for more details on requirements and job responsibilities.

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Microsoft Launches New CashBack Program – Will It Work?

Microsoft announced yesterday that it will offer consumers cash back incentives for using their search engine, Live search. The way the program is designed, consumers will be rewarded for searching and buying products using Microsoft’s SE by receiving a percentage

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Google Makes 450 Algorithm Mods in 2007

Client’s are often amazed at how their search engine results fluctuate month to month, especially in the early stages of an SEO campaign. As SEO specialists, we understand the constant changes search engines make to improve the accuracy and usefulness

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