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Offer Homeowner Services? Build Digital Strategies that Sell

Visual Content: Home Improvement Checklist The average sale price for Portland real estate is now up over 11% from last year as consumers gain more confidence in the economy. If you’re in the homeowner service industry, this is great news
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The Reality of Marketing in a Virtual World

I’m scared of Virtual Reality. Not because I fear change, or because I am afraid of heights and the prospect of “virtually” jumping off a building or running with bulls, but because I believe the cost of advertising in such
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What “The Voice” Can Teach You About Online Marketing

You’ve spent years building your brand. You’ve earned a small following of fans and your voice is stronger than ever. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and go before a live audience. This is the
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How to Enable Auto UTM Tags in Bing Ad Center

Way back in June, Bing gave us an early Christmas present: the ability to auto tag URLs in Bing AdCenter. While this may seem like a long time coming, we here at Mad Fish definitely welcomed the productivity improvements that
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Ethics of Native Advertising – Running Effective Campaigns

Native Advertising: Ethics and Best Practices
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Developing a Display Advertising Campaign for Maximum Impact

As the internet is becoming increasingly more visual, integrating display advertising into a marketing campaign is now more important than ever. A well-executed display ad campaign can have resounding success for brand awareness, generating sales leads, and selling products directly
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Advanced phone call tracking

Proper Website Phone Tracking for SEO

If you’re not already tracking your businesses incoming phone calls from online sources, then you should be.  Phone tracking, also referred to as “Website Phone Call Tracking”, “Metered Numbers”, or “Dynamic Call Tracking” is an essential means of determining how
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The Importance of a Site Audit for SEO

A website audit allows you and your SEO team to better plan for the long-term health and success of your website. In this post I’d like to examine some commonly asked questions about site audits and explain the myriad of
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Organic Vs. Paid – Do Paid Results Give or Take from Organic Search?

In the search industry, there are several questions I feel we’re asked by marketing savvy clients over and over again.  These questions keep re-appearing because they’re not only good questions, but typically ones where answers are extremely tough to come
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Google Makes Secure Search the Default for All Users

Recently, Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land, reported that Google is making the secure search the default for all Google users. Previously, HTTPS was forced on you if you were logged into a Google product (i.e. gmail, analytics, Google+ etc…),
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