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Is Your Navigation Scaring Away Customers? (4 Costly Mistakes)

Searching for something on Google is like trying to find a new show to watch on Netflix or HBO. If your first choice stinks, there is no shortage of alternatives that may be more up your alley. First impressions are
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Is Your Two Year Old Changing the Internet?

Hark back to the 1970s, an era of children’s toys as technologically advanced as Legos, Slinkys, Etch A Sketch, and the ever-mesmerizing Lite-Brite (Anyone remember Sea Monkeys?) Perhaps the most advanced toy was Rock’em Sock’em Robots.
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10x Content, User Intent & Unlimited Opportunities

10x content — a term coined by Rand Fishkin — is content that is 10x better than content being created by competitors on any given topic. You already know that content is important. You probably also know that content simply
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Light Pollution Infographic

Which Infographic Topic Should You Choose?

Overview: Your audience and goals are key. Make things simple. Make common questions fun. Find what is topical to your audience. Help Tell a Bigger Story.
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Rethinking Keyword Rankings: Advice on Best Practices & the Road to Success

At Mad Fish Digital, or any digital agency, you are guaranteed to hear clients asking, “When can I expect to rank on the first page of Google?” To that we say, “Great question!” The answer is not one that is
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Seeing is Believing: Capture & Engage Your Audience with Visual Content

What comes to mind when you think about content marketing? More often than not, you will visualize a blog post that contains a few complementary images. As the world of content marketing changes, the question becomes whether or not this
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5 Reasons WHY Content is King in SEO

By now we all know that content is king, but why content is king is still a discussion we have frequently with a number of our clients hesitant to invest in content when they don’t see an immediate ROI. Below
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Native Advertising – Know Your Ad Types

This post is Part Two in a series on native advertising by Mad Fish. This post will focus on the ads types that are most commonly referred to as “native advertising:” Sponsored Content/Promoted Listings, Advertorials, and Recommendation Widgets.
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What Is Native Advertising?

This post is Part One in a series on native advertising by Mad Fish. It covers some history of what we consider “native advertising,” and its definitions according to the IAB. Future posts in this blog series will highlight each
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How to Give Your Visitors Web Content They Can Sink Their Teeth Into

As search engine optimization has become increasingly important for companies who want to strengthen their online presence, the amount of content floating around the internet has multiplied exponentially. Businesses constantly send new content out into the ether, hoping it will
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